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Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Find a Good Doctor that Prescribes Testosterone?

Many  primary care doctors in the United States feel comfortable prescribing testosterone in the present.  Unfortunately, there are many doctors who still do not know much about the proper management of testosterone replacement or are afraid to prescribe it.
Here are several resources that can help you if you need to search for one:

Life Extension Foundation, List of Innovative
        APS Pharmacy: Email and ask if they have a
        doctor in your area
Women’s International Pharmacy: They refer doctors here
College Pharmacy (Colorado Springs, CO):
Click “Find a Health Care Provider.” There is a form to fill out. Submit the form and they will e-mail a list of doctors nearest you who use their compounding services., a HIV-related web site:
Doctors in this list also treat people who are not HIV positive (but they also treat HIV-. These docs have been using TRT for longer than most regular docs):
Directory of “anti-aging” worldwide doctors:

You can also google “compounding pharmacy YOUR CITY” to find out which compounding pharmacies are in your area. You can call them to find out if they can refer you to a doctor who uses their services.
After you find a potential doctor, ask some basic questions to determine their level of knowledge about testosterone.  Some may feel insulted to be asked questions like these, but if they are it’s probably not going to be a good match for you (of course, be nice and diplomatic when asking questions!)
  1. How many men does he/she treat for hypogonadism?
  2. Does he/she offer HCG therapy, in addition to testosterone for testicular atrophy? (Many doctors do not know how to use HCG.)
  3. Does he/she use Arimidex  (generic: anastrozole) to keep estrogen down in case of gynecomastia (enlarged breasts) or other high estradiol related issues?
  4. Do they provide other therapies that can complement testosterone replacement?
  5. Does he/she allow patients to self-inject at home?
  6. Does he/she work with any compounding pharmacies to access cheaper and customized hormonal products? (Some doctors worry com­pounding pharmacies have poor quality control)
  7. How many times do you have to go see him or her?
  8. Do they share blood work results with you?
  9. What is the set-up lab/doctor fee and approximate drug costs?

 I invite anyone who hates to read but wants to watch a video before they call a potential doctor so that they know what to ask to take some minutes to watch this:

Another option could be getting services from a clinic with national reach. 

 After my frustration to find physicians around the country that not only prescribe testosterone but also know how to prevent and manage potential side effects, I searched for a way to help people who read my book no matter where they live.   I finally was able to find a great and reasonably priced clinic that can do so.  

I consult with a national clinic called Defy Medical which uses the principles described in my book. They can treat you in your city with a local lab and a phone/skype consult.  They are very reasonably priced compared to all men's health clinics out there.  They not only diagnose hypogonadism and prescribe several testosterone products but also believe in the principles outlined in my book that detail side effect prevention and management.  For this reason, they provide other adjunctive therapies like HCG, anastrozole, sublingual ED drugs, injectable and oral aminoacids/vitamins, Sermorelin, TRIMIX, etc  They can also help people who want to lose weight with a comprehensive program.

You can find more information in their last newsletter :

If you are interested, please email Matt Castleberry from Defy for him to provide you details on the different programs. His email is

I also provide 1 hour coaching sessions for those who need more detailed assistance before starting TRT or to maximize benefits/minimize potential side effects after they start.  You can set it up here:     After the set up, I can email you a health questionnaire that will list blood work needed for best coaching results (you can wait until you get them done through Defy Medical)

I also encourage people who read my book to subscribe to my  facebook testosterone group since there are so many things always coming up in this field.  Over 900 people belong to the Facebook group including more than 5 doctors who answer questions:

I hope this helps you empower yourself to find the right doctor!

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