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Monday, July 1, 2013

Men Across the U.S. Can Now Defy Low T with Accessible Testosterone Test

T level test for $29 (original price $129)- No Prescription Required- Most US Cities

Tampa July 2, 2013- Defy Medical, a leading integrative health clinic, is removing barriers for men to know if they have low T by providing an economical testosterone (T) test with a unbeatable discounted price of $29 (normal full price $ 129). The low T test is performed by blood analysis at a licensed laboratory with locations across the US.  No prescription is required with this test accessible nationwide.  Test results are reviewed with a physician at no extra cost.
“As men age or have certain health conditions, their T blood levels decline, which can cause low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis or fracture, sleep disturbance, depressed mood, lethargy or diminished physical performance”, said Justin Saya, MD,  Defy Medical’s expert physician on hormone replacement.  “Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to attain healthy blood levels has been shown to improve several of these symptoms for most men.  However side effects or lack of efficacy can occur with testosterone therapy if not properly monitored ”, added Dr Saya.
The overall prevalence of low T (hypogonadism) in the United States is approximately 39 percent in men 45 years or older according to the 2006 Hypogonadism in Males (HIM) study, one of the largest studies ever done on testosterone deficiency.  “But fewer than 10 percent of men with low T reach out to their doctors since the two main symptoms of T deficiency, depression and sexual dysfunction, are topics that many men feel uncomfortable discussing even with their best friends,” said Nelson Vergel, author of Testosterone: A Man’s Guide and a long term T expert patient that educates men about ways to maximize wellbeing.  “Luckily, can help by providing a free symptom questionnaire to determine if a man would benefit from getting tested along with nationwide access to an unmatched low price T test”.   

In addition to providing low cost testing to men across the US, Defy Medical can help men access therapies designed to reverse the symptoms of Low T and improve overall health. 

This easily accessible and economical test can be used by men who:

1. Have symptoms of low testosterone and have not been diagnosed with  hypogonadism.
2.  Are using testosterone injections, gels, pellets, or creams but are not sure if these options are raising testosterone to healthy levels.
3.  Are using over-the-counter testosterone boosters but do not know if they are in fact working as claimed.
4.  Are trying to boost their testosterone naturally and need to know how well their lifestyle changes are working.
5. Are healthy and just want to know their T level

To determine if you may have low T, please use the questionnaire provided in the and information available on DefyLowT and watch this video

About Defy Medical: The mission of Defy Medical is to provide each patient exceptional care while ensuring safety through personalized treatment and continued education. Defy Medical is dedicated to being a leading concierge medical practice which focuses on both preventative and restorative therapies. We are committed to improve the health and wellness of the patients we serve across the country through personalized treatment and individual care.

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