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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Prunes boost IGF-1 levels in humans

Looking for a carbohydrate-rich pre-workout snack? But not so keen on all those products that are bursting with refined sugars? Researchers at Oklahoma State University say that prunes boost your IGF-1 level.

The researchers wanted to know whether dried plums would help bone build-up to increase, so they got 20 women to eat 100g dried plums every day for three months. That's about 12 dried plums a day.

One hundred grams dried plums contain about 240 kcal, derived mainly from glucose and fructose, but also sorbitol, which is less easily digested. One hundred grams dried plums contain about 15 g sorbitol. If you are sensitive to sorbitol, this is a dose that can have a laxative effect. But for most people, sorbitol only starts to have a laxative effect with an intake of 22-30 g. The researchers only lost one subject because of this problem.

The IGF-1 concentration rose by 17 percent in the experimental group. IGF-1 has an anabolic effect in bone tissue, but also in muscle tissue.

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