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Monday, June 18, 2012

Roger Clemens Trial Costed The Tax Payers $10,548,772

A jury unanimously found Clemens not guilty of the six charges against him after a day and a half of deliberations. It was a result of a two-month trial and five-year investigation that cost the federal government $10,548,772
I am so glad Clemens won. I am so sick of the stupid witch hunt that costs tax payers millions of dollars. They are so many important issues that congress should be using their time for. Like marijuana, they need to legalize personal and physician monitored anabolic steroid use for those who want to use them to improve their quality of life and performance. Only this way harm reduction will happen.

In 20-30 years when we have more data on the effects of androgens on the quality of life and frailty of aging people, we will look back at this time as a sad period of unnecessary and costly witch hunts that resemble the McCarthy era. 

We allow people to take huge risks with cosmetic surgery but do not allow doctors to prescribe anabolics like nandrolone to those who want to do so scientifically with a physician's monitoring. We want our sports people to be super heroes. We pay them millions and pay high prices to see them. Let them get a competitive edge with a medically monitored program, and let aging men and women access these therapies! 

Had those 11 million dollars been spent on aging research, we would all be better off. We need harm reduction..and witch hunts only promote unmonitored anabolic use (yes, media exposure on these cases is the best advertising for young people to use them underground). 

I have seen miracles in HIV with the use of these compounds. HIV is just accelerated aging and the world should learn from our experience.

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