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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Condom May Revolutionize Safe Sex Adherence in Men

The ORIGAMI Male Condom™ (OMC) is the first NON-rolled, engineered, silicone condom intended to facilitate a pleasurable and safe sexual experience for the male wearer and his female partner. It is intended to increase consumer acceptability, safety, comfort, and to increase consistent condom compliance for those who engage in vaginal intercourse.  The OMC is in clinical research to protect against HIV/AIDS, STD/STI and it will also be tested as an effective contraception strategy.

Unlike the conventional rolled latex condom (sensation from outside), the OMC is designed to CREATE sensation from the inside with direct tactile contact. It provides a reciprocating motion for the penis inside the internally lubricated condom (not possible with rolled latex condoms).

The OMC is an engineered silicone design that independently tested non-allergenic. The OMC does not require unrolling like the old latex condom.

The folded design provides two important innovations;
  1. The accordion-folded OMC condom easily drapes onto the penis instantly before intercourse in one quick single movement with no disruption of intimacy, and
  2. Consistent expansion/contraction of the condom provides a natural reciprocating fluid motion of the penis within the internally lubricated condom.

To reach the market the OMC must be reviewed by the WHO, C-Mark (EU), and the FDA (US)  to meet regulatory safety standards. The OMC began clinical trials in Los Angeles, CA in collaboration with the Department of Research at the California Family Health Council.  Large-scale clinical trials will follow to determine its performance safety. The OMC is expected to reach the market in early 2015, pending regulatory approvals.

ORIGAMI vs. Latex Condom from ORIGAMI Condoms on Vimeo.

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